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Privacy Policy

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Your privacy and our respect of this is important to CyTel. The term used when relating to your privacy is "personally identifiable information" which means any information that may be used to identify "You", including, but not limited to, your name, address, email address, phone number, billing information, or other contact information. Please read this page to understand about personal identifiable information and how we CyTel collect and it and how it may be used. Below are the details on how and why this information is collected and how it is used:

CyTel may collect information from "You" when "You" purchase or register for the services we provide.

"You" will be asked for certain information when contacting CyTel or being provided with a particular product or service. We do not share this information with any third parties.

CyTel may send an email to "You" if "You" have indicated a preference to receive news, updates, special offers, and other information relating to the services we provide. "You" may unsubscribe from these email subscriptions at anytime.

CyTel may use the services of outside contractors to perform services on our behalf. At times, we may have to disclose relevant information about "You" to our contractors so they may provide these specific services for us. We require our contractors to keep this information confidential and to only use the information on our behalf.

If "You" desire to change or modify any of the information that "You" have previously provided to CyTel, "You" may do so by contacting CyTel through the contacts page on our web site.

CyTel Web Site may contain links to other web sites and software. CyTel are in no way responsible for the privacy policies or the content of these web sites or software. For "Your" own understanding please visit the privacy policies of these third party sites in order to understand their privacy and/or their information collection practices.

CyTel do reserve the right to disclose "Your" ‘personally identifiable information’ when we have reason to believe an applicable law, regulation, or legal process requires it, or when we have reason to believe disclosure is necessary in order to protect or enforce CyTel rights.